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Our story begins in 1926 when TAHINCIOGLU family entered the food sector with Tahini production in the historical city of Mardin, Turkey. The family continued the business from 1949 to 1956 in the city of Diyarbakir with the participation of son Fehmi Tahincioglu. Later KENT CONFECTIONERY was established in ISTANBUL in 1956 and this time all 7 brothers joined. Throughout the years, many famous product brands were created and KENT COMPANY received much acclaim in Turkey and around the World.

In 2014 Fehmi Tahincioglu went on to establish TAFE SWEETS in Kocaeli Turkey.
in 2019 Nebil Tahincioglu, a third generation member, joined his uncle to carry the family flag into the future. All the accumulated knowledge of several generations and the sense of quality the family is known for are now within the delicious and healthy TAFE products.  

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Our popular "Biscotti" product is now in "Mini" size and Zip-Pouch.

November 28, 2021

We produced "Mini" size of our popular "Biscotti" product. It is now more versitile as it can now be consumed in a bowl of milk. "Mini Biscotti" comes in two flavors one of which is Gluten Free and the Zip-pouch packaging makes it more hygienic and easy to store.

After conquering the East Coast of USA in 2021 now we are in California...

January 9, 2022

TAFE products were introduced to the east coast of USA in 2021 now as of january 2022 we are in over 200 points in California. Our distributer says Tafe products were preferred by customers in general for their quality and taste and performing quite well.

"Tafe was in BiM supermarket stores with "Mocha & Mint"..

February 01, 2022

BiM supermarkets which has around 9000 stores in Turkey featured our "Mocha & Mint" product in February. The Tafe product that combines Coffee and Mint flavors was an immediate success and it was sold out within couple of days.

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